What is Refreshing Hope - Live?

Refreshing Hope Live brings live, interactive, church services to the internet, reaching the disabled, the home bound, the military, travelers, and those that are without a local church, right where they are with a timely word from the Lord. 

  • Join together in prayer with others from around the world in real time. 
  • Learn about the Bible with live teachings by a seasoned pastor. 
  • Attend a weekly live, interactive church service anywhere that you have an internet connection.
  • Make friends, get to know others, and be a part of a loving Christian community.
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Refreshing Hope "Live" Testimonials

I'm praying that this online service will continue!!!  I have Agoraphobia and cannot make it to an actual church building and last week's service was GREAT!!!  I hadn't felt that refreshed in a LONG time. Please find it in your hearts, means & ways to continue with this church service.  Thank you SO very much!!!


I absolutely love the idea and we are going to attend every one of the services. Thank you so much for providing this much needed service. May God bless you abundantly!


I don't have a church home per se. I consider this to be my church home and I am elated at new live church service you have offered. I enjoyed very much your honest, down to earth, bible based sermon and hope God sees fit to allow it to continue. I will attend on what ever day it ends up to be.


i feel so blessed listening to your live service. It made me feel so good to be able to hear a service like this. I pray to God that you can keep this going, in christian love, Peggy.


I attended the live service and enjoyed it!! It works out for me because I do not get to church every sunday and I love refreshing hope!!! Peace and blessings to you all!


Thank you Pastor for the great message. You have a very humble and meek personality. One that draws people to our Father in heaven. Thank you for listening to the spirit of God and obeying. Your teaching was very easy listening and right from the heart of God with love and sincerity. God bless you brother. Well done.


I attended your Church today and I want say thank you so much.  I really really like it and look forward to more Sunday Services.  Thank you for your prayers at the end of the service regarding our needs!


Powerful message, Pastor Dion, shared in the gentle loving voice of our Lord. Thank you! I plan to share this link with those God brings into my life this week. Blessings!


Refreshing Hope Live

Join us and participate in interactive church services from the comfort of your home. 


How much does this cost?

The services cost nothing and all expenses are paid for by Refreshing Hope Ministries. If you join us and consider Refreshing Hope to be your church, then we hope that you will consider tithing. There are so many things that we could do better with enough support, like a fiber internet connection and higher streaming quality.

Will others see me?

No. Only the Pastor is shown on the screen unless we have a guest speaker. You will have a chat window where you can type your comments and prayer requests. The Pastor can then read your posts and reply to them individually. 

What time do the live meetings begin?

The live services are currently held every Sunday at 11 AM Eastern Time / 8 AM Pacific and generally last around one hour. 

How do I get started?

First sign up here so that we can email you updates and changes concerning the live meetings. Consider joining us at www.refreshinghope.org and get to know some of us. Click "watch" on the top menu there to see recordings of all the past meetings.

What denomination are you?

Refreshing Hope is an international, non-denominational ministry that is inclusive. We believe t­hat Jesus ­never inte­nded us to­ have deno­minations ­period. Th­ey were al­l created ­because of­ men's gre­ed for pow­er, money, control, ­or somethi­ng else. We re­cognize th­e Church a­s one body­, with man­y parts, divided­ over many­ man-made ­rules.

We are a diverse group of believers like Jesus had in mind. We are from all parts of the world, composed of all ethnic groups, and from all walks of life, yet all blended into one beautiful bouquet of flowers. This is God's church and we are His people!

Can I participate in the live service with my phone?

Yes, but... the live services work best on a computer where you can watch the service and type in the chat box simultaneously. That said, you can participate with a tablet or a phone as well. It is just not as seamless as a computer. But yes, we have house keepers listening to the live service while at work cleaning rooms. This church travels with you and we have members that are truckers, traveling salesmen, in the military, and more that are able to participate wherever they are.